Părinți de nota 10

Cum arată octomama Nadya Suleman, la 11 ani după ce a născut cei 8 copii. Are 14 în total!

Nadya Suleman a devenit celebră în urma cu 11 ani, când fotografii cu burta ei uriașă au împânzit internetul. Mamă de octupleți, Nadya are în total 14 copii.

De curând, Nadya Suleman a sărbătorit ziua de naștere a octupleților: aceștia au împlinit 11 ani. Însă înainte să îi nască pe cei opt, Nadia mai avea încă șase acasă.

Mămica a început de curând să posteze pe rețelele de socializare momente din viața lor, insistând pe dieta copiilor. Nadya îi crește singură și e nevoită să pregătească zilnic tone de mâncare.

Adepta unui stil de viață sănătos, aceasta și-a educat copiii să mănânce vegan, permitandu-le într-o singură zi pe săptămână “junk food”.

În vârstă de 45 de ani, Nadya Suleman este o mămică în formă, care niciodată nu visa să aibă o familie atât de numeroasă, desi mărturisește că întotdeauna și-a dorit mulți copii.


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My family and I have been asked what we eat on an average day. I must first address that being vegan is not more costly; on the contrary, buying plant based whole foods in bulk is cost effective. The processed foods cost more because you are paying for convenience. We avoid processed foods primarily because they contain a plethora of unnatural ingredients and are unhealthy (simply because a food is vegan doesn’t make it healthy). We cook daily from scratch (Nariyah and Maliyah are slowly taking over as head chefs since they love to cook!), and we only indulge in vegan processed “junk” once per week, which I will share in another post. The goal is to ingest foods with ingredients consisting of the actual food itself, aside from spices. You would be surprised to learn how basic, simple, natural foods such as potatoes, beans, quinoa, and rice (not to mention green leafy vegetables) contain more vitamins, minerals, and protein than any animal product, and can be incredibly tasty too! The Second picture is of preparation (all food is organic and first scrubbed with organic veggie wash): -golden potatoes and yellow onions: Roast in the oven after adding a little spring water in trays, onion powder, garlic powder, Himalayan salt, and black pepper (we eyeball all measurements). -sweet mashed potatoes: simply boil in spring water till soft (never use tap as it becomes more toxic when boiled). Mash (we prefer to keep the skin to preserve more vitamins). Add a dash of cinnamon and even nutmeg, nothing else as they are naturally sweet. -Dried black beans, and dried rainbow beans, cooked separately though the same: Depending on quantity cooked (we make several bags a day!) We dice two large onions for four bags. Soak dried beans in spring water (we soak overnight). Boil beans and onions in spring water, add onion and garlic powder, and Himalayan salt to your liking. -baby spinach and kale salad: salad “dressing” made with avocado, fresh lemon, diced onion, bell pepper, onion and garlic powder, dash of salt and black pepper. Use fresh baby spinach and kale, mix and enjoy! #RealFood #HealthyFood #BasicButDelicious 😋

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By sharing some of my fitness history I hope to inspire supporters, who may be struggling with their own fitness journey. Since discovering the gym, in 1991, I have learned the value of constructively channeling stress, anger, emotional pain etc. into working out. The stairmaster has been my go to for stress relief, pressing on 99 min (highest it goes), no trainer, just my mind on “go.” If I do not achieve 10 miles (at least 500 floors), I continue past 99 minutes. I’ve been climbing approximately 45-50 miles per week, incorporating lifting light weights, for the last 29 years. Working out consistently has been a priority for decades, as this provides me the mental and physical strength, stamina, and endurance to be the best I can be, particularly as a mom. Ever since the octuplet pregnancy broke both my back and ribs, if I did not workout I would be wheelchair bound and unable to care for my family. If their is a healthy habit you engage in, that enhances your productivity, protect it; FIGHT for it; NEVER GIVE IT UP! Unfortunately, media surreptitiously concealed this truth about the real me, as it contradicted their preconceived octo-caricature creation. I returned to regular activities DAYS subsequent to birthing EVERY child, including the octuplets, (core exercises, light weights and walking 5-10 miles a day, pulling and pushing kids in wagons and/or strollers); and back to the gym WEEKS subsequent to every birth. I believe my active lifestyle significantly contributed to maintaining and strengthening my mental and physical health. Though genetic predisposition for athleticism may play a part, (my father was a boxer from Jerusalem, Palestine; my mom, despite growing up a WW2 refugee, was a champion runner and given the opportunity to leave her family and train for running in the German Olympics), I believe lifestyle influences our overall health/fitness level far more. We parents lead by example and set the stage for our childrens future health. I chose to instill the value of health/fitness by leading the lifestyle I want my kids to live. #LifelongLifestyle #FitMomOfFourteen #FitFamily 💪🏾

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